Ok – printing is very Eighties – but in some situations it does make some sense to print something. Being on the road you can cut out your computer as the middleman: you can print your emails, contacts, fotos and other files as well as whole web pages – and you only need 3G and Wifi.

Price: $6.99
Would I buy again: Yes
Learning Curve: Easy
Who is it forSalesmen, Office workers, people who need print outs.
Version tested: 4.02 on iPod OS 3.1.3
Comparable Apps: ePrint, Printer Share
Available Languages: English, German, Chinese, French, Japanese
This App was tested by Michael
appstory.tv rating:

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This is how it works:

  • First you have to install a separate helper application, called “WePrint” to be running on your laptop or desktop computer
  • Here we have this beautiful user interface for files, emails, web pages, contacts and images (camera is missing on the iPod Touch)
  • To print out emails you can enter multiple email accounts – IMAP or POP3 without problems: it’s recommended to use a new Gmail account just for the Weprint app!
  • If your email accounts have been synched you can print entire emails and attachments
  • Now I show you how to print a photo: the app connects me with my iPhoto library, I choose a photo or two… and say: print!
  • When being outside of your own Wifi Network you still can print via Proxy – using either a Gmail, IMAP, POP3 or iDisk account.
  • Via “settings” I choose the size of the print and its orientation.
  • You can print out Files, Images Web Pages and Contacts – and you can even change settings: which pages to print, duplex printing etc.
  • Via the Help button you will be redirected to a very informative FAQ of the app maker, EuroSmartz.

Whether you mount your iPhone or iPod Touch as a disk or you share files from your computer – the smooth interface and the seamless integration of existing email accounts, contact and photo databases make it a lot of fun to use Print and Share! It’s definitley worth its price!

What I like about “Print n Share”:

  • I can print wherever I am.
  • High usability.

What I don’t like so much:

  • Set up for printing via Proxy is somewhat difficult.

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